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Shappro - Dual Compound Golf Grips - Set of 9

Shappro - Dual Compound Golf Grips - Set of 9

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The Shappro Dual Compound Cord Golf Grips are the result of over 20 years of experience in golf grip design and development by the Shappro Golf Grip Company. These grips are designed to provide golfers with the ultimate in golf grip technology, ensuring enhanced control, stability, touch, and feel.

Key Specifications:

  • Color: Pride Blue - These grips feature an attractive and vibrant blue color that can add a touch of style to your golf clubs.

  • Size: Men's Standard - These grips are designed to fit standard-sized men's golf club handles.

  • Core Size: .580 Round - The core size is .580 inches, which is a common size for golf club grips.

  • Weight: 50 grams each - Each grip has a weight of 50 grams, contributing to a balanced feel in your golf clubs.

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