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ROOKIE - Kids Golf Driver RH - Pink 7 to 10 years

ROOKIE - Kids Golf Driver RH - Pink 7 to 10 years

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The Rookie Kids Golf Driver is a well-designed golf club tailored for young golfers. Here are some key features and specifications:


  1. Australian Owned and Designed: The Rookie Junior golf clubs are fully Australian-owned and designed, which may appeal to those looking to support local brands.

  2. Unique Design and Colors: These junior golf clubs are designed with unique aesthetics and vibrant colors that are likely to appeal to kids, making the game more enjoyable for them.

  3. Driver with 430cc Design: The driver has a 430cc clubhead, which is relatively large and can provide a forgiving sweet spot for young golfers, helping them hit the ball more consistently.

  4. 14 Degree Loft: The 14-degree loft on the driver is suitable for young golfers who are still developing their swing speed. It helps with launching the ball into the air, making it easier to achieve distance and accuracy.

  5. Materials: The driver is manufactured using premium grade 15-5 stainless steel. This material choice can contribute to durability and performance.

  6. Rookie Lightweight Graphite Shaft: The driver comes with a Rookie Lightweight Graphite shaft. The use of graphite helps keep the club lightweight, making it more manageable for kids. The shaft's flex and length are specific to age and height, ensuring an appropriate fit for the young golfer.

  7. For Right-Handed Players: This particular model is designed for right-handed players.

  8. Age and Height Range: The Pink Rookie driver is suitable for young golfers aged 6 to 10 or with heights ranging from 130 to 155 cm.

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