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Onyx - Perfect Fit Kids Golf Glove LH One-Size - Black & Red

Onyx - Perfect Fit Kids Golf Glove LH One-Size - Black & Red

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The Onyx "Perfect Fit" Golf Glove is designed to provide golfers with a comfortable and well-fitting glove for their game. Here are the key features and benefits of this golf glove:

  1. Compression Technology: The glove uses compression technology to ensure a snug and secure fit on the golfer's hand. This technology helps the glove conform to the shape of the hand, providing a comfortable and consistent fit.

  2. Material Blend: The glove is made from a blend of Hi Tech DuPont mesh Lycra and premium synthetic leather. This combination of materials is chosen to offer a balance of features, including great feel, grip, and durability.

  3. Reinforced Palm Patch: The glove features a reinforced palm patch. This patch is designed to enhance grip, strength, and the longevity of the glove, particularly in the area where it comes into contact with the golf club grip.

  4. Strategically Placed Lycra Insets: Lycra insets are strategically placed in the glove to provide an ergonomic fit. These insets allow for flexibility and ease of movement, ensuring that the golfer's hand can move comfortably during the swing.

  5. Size Range: The glove is available in a size range that suits most small to large hand sizes or is suitable for individuals aged 5 to 12 years. This versatility allows a wide range of golfers, including junior players, to find a suitable fit.

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