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Onyx - Arthritic Golf Grips - Set of 13

Onyx - Arthritic Golf Grips - Set of 13

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Arthritic Golf Grips, with their unique features, are designed to provide comfort and support for golfers with arthritis, weakened hand strength, or sensitive hands. Here are some key details about these grips:

  1. Larger Profile: These grips have a larger profile than standard golf grips. This design can help golfers with arthritis or weaker hand strength get a better, more comfortable grip on their clubs. A larger profile can make it easier to hold and control the club, which is essential for a good swing.

  2. 'Nubbed' Texture: The grips also feature a textured surface with 'nubs' or small protrusions. This texture can assist in reducing grip pressure, as it provides additional friction and grip when holding the club. This can be especially beneficial for golfers with sensitive hands, as it minimizes the need to grip the club tightly.

  3. Size - Midsize: The grips are categorized as "Midsize," which means they fall between the standard and oversized grip sizes. This size can be suitable for many golfers and offers a balance between comfort and control.

  4. Core Size - .60 Round: The core size indicates the diameter of the grip's opening. A core size of .60 Round is fairly standard and should fit most golf club shafts. It's important to ensure that the grip size matches the shaft size for a proper fit.

  5. Weight - 66 grams each: These grips have a weight of 66 grams each. The weight of a grip can impact the overall feel of a club, and in this case, the weight might be selected to provide a certain level of balance or feel to the club.

  6. Suitability: These grips are explicitly designed for golfers with arthritis or weakened hand strength. They are intended to make it more comfortable and easier for such players to grip and control their clubs.

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