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Golf Gear - Jumbo/Oversize Putter Grips - Red

Golf Gear - Jumbo/Oversize Putter Grips - Red

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The Golf Gear Jumbo/Oversize Putter grips offer certain features that can be beneficial for golfers seeking to improve their putting game. Here are the key details about these grips:

  1. Oversize Design: These grips are categorized as "Jumbo/Oversize," which means they are larger than standard putter grips. The oversized design can help in keeping your hands less active during the putting stroke. This can be advantageous because minimizing hand movement can lead to better control and more consistent putting.

  2. Shoulder Alignment: These grips are designed to assist golfers in getting their shoulders level at address. Proper shoulder alignment is crucial for a consistent and accurate putting stroke. An oversized grip can help with this by encouraging a more stable and controlled hand position.

  3. Material - PU with Soft Hand Feel: The grips are made of PU (Polyurethane) material, which is known for its soft and comfortable feel. This soft hand feel can enhance your overall putting experience, making it more comfortable and less fatiguing, especially during extended rounds.

  4. Core Size - 0.580 Round: The core size of .580 round is a common size for putter grips. It should fit most putter shafts without any issues.

  5. Lightweight - 55 grams: These grips are relatively lightweight, weighing just 55 grams each. A lightweight grip can be preferred by some golfers as it minimizes any additional weight at the top of the club, potentially allowing for a smoother and more controlled putting motion.

  6. Length - 27cm: The 27cm length indicates the size of the grip. This size should be appropriate for most putters.

  7. Color Options: These grips are available in Green, Blue, or Red, allowing golfers to choose the color that suits their preferences or matches their overall club aesthetics.

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