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Onyx - Spyder Bite Wedge - 3 Piece Set with Graphite Shafts

Onyx - Spyder Bite Wedge - 3 Piece Set with Graphite Shafts

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The Onyx Spyder Bite Wedges are a high-quality set of golf wedges designed to enhance a golfer's short game. Here's a breakdown of their key features:

  1. Superbly Balanced and Shaped: The wedges are described as superbly balanced and perfectly shaped. This balance and shape are crucial for golfers as it affects their ability to control the club and make precise shots around the green.

  2. Material: These wedges are precision-crafted from super soft 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel is commonly used in golf club construction due to its durability and feel, especially for wedges where control and touch are essential.

  3. CNC Milled Faces and Scorelines: The faces of the wedges are CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milled, as are the scorelines. CNC milling is a precision machining process that can enhance spin, control, and consistency when striking the golf ball. This technology is often used to maximize the performance of wedges, particularly in creating consistent spin rates for short shots.

  4. Fitted with: High quality graphite shafts & Sharpro Dual Compound grips
Loft (Degrees) Lie Angle (Degrees) Bounce (Degrees) Swing Weight Head Weight (grams)
52 64 8 D2 300
56 64 12 D2 300
60 64 10 D2 300
  1. Included Wedges: The set includes three different wedges:

    • 52 Degree Gap Wedge: Typically used for approach shots from the fairway or rough at a moderate distance.
    • 56 Degree Sand Wedge: Designed for bunker shots, pitching, and chipping around the green.
    • 60 Degree Lob Wedge: Ideal for high, soft shots around the green, especially when you need to clear obstacles or stop the ball quickly.
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