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Onyx - Spyder Bite Driver - 15 Degree

Onyx - Spyder Bite Driver - 15 Degree

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The ONYX SPYDER BITE DRIVER with 15 degrees of loft is specifically designed for Ladies and Senior golfers. Here are the key features and benefits of this driver:

  1. 15 Degrees of Loft: The driver has a loft of 15 degrees, which is higher than typical driver lofts. This loft is well-suited for golfers with slower swing speeds, such as Ladies and Senior players, as it can help get the ball in the air more easily.

  2. Higher Trajectory: The increased loft of 15 degrees facilitates a higher launch angle, which can be advantageous for generating more carry distance. Higher trajectory shots can also be more forgiving.

  3. Reduced Side Spin: The driver is designed to minimize side spin on the ball. This feature can help reduce the likelihood of slices or hooks, promoting straighter shots and better accuracy.

  4. Improved Aerodynamics: Like the other ONYX drivers, this one is also designed with improved aerodynamics. Enhanced aerodynamics can lead to higher clubhead speeds and, consequently, greater distance.

  5. Low Center of Gravity (CG): The driver head features a low center of gravity (CG), which can further assist in launching the ball higher and with less spin. A low CG often contributes to increased stability and improved performance on off-center hits.

  6. Increased Roll and Bulge: The increased roll and bulge on the clubface are designed to enhance the driver's forgiveness. Even when the ball is not struck in the center of the face, these design elements can help maintain straighter shots.

  7. High-End Shaft : Fitted with a graphite (regular) shaft and Shapro Grip

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