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Onyx - Spyder Bite - Driving Iron - Graphite Shafts

Onyx - Spyder Bite - Driving Iron - Graphite Shafts

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The ONYX SPYDER BITE Driving Iron is a golf club designed for specific purposes, such as achieving greater distance, forgiveness, and ball speed, particularly for off-the-tee shots or long fairway shots. Here are the key features and benefits of this driving iron:

  1. Hollow Body Construction: The hollow body construction of the driving iron allows for a strategic distribution of weight within the clubhead. This design often leads to increased forgiveness, as well as the potential for greater ball speed and distance.

  2. Thin Face Technology: Thin face technology in the clubhead can enhance the trampoline effect upon impact with the ball, resulting in explosive ball speeds. This technology is often associated with distance and forgiveness.

  3. Low Golf Shots in Windy Conditions: The driving iron is described as being suitable for achieving low golf shots, which can be advantageous when playing in windy conditions. Low shots are less affected by the wind, providing better control.

  4. Crafted from Super Soft 431 Stainless: The clubhead is made from super soft 431 stainless steel, known for providing a great feel and sound at impact. This material choice can contribute to the overall playability and feedback of the club.

  5. 17 Degrees Loft: The driving iron is designed with a loft of 17 degrees. This loft is relatively low, which can help golfers achieve a more penetrating ball flight and optimal launch angle for distance.

  6. Graphite Shaft Options: Golfers can choose between two graphite shaft options: STD Black or Acculite. These shafts are available in Men's Regular or Stiff flex, allowing players to select the one that suits their swing speed and style.

  7. Men's Black Rubber Grip: The club comes with a men's black rubber grip, which is an essential component for providing control and comfort during the swing.

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