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Onyx - Spyder Bite - 4 to PW Ladies Iron Set - Graphite Shafts

Onyx - Spyder Bite - 4 to PW Ladies Iron Set - Graphite Shafts

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The Onyx Spyder Bite Iron Set from 4 to PW is designed to provide golfers with long-distance and forgiveness. Here are the key features and benefits of this iron set:

  1. Material: The irons are manufactured from super soft 431 stainless steel. This material choice is known for providing a great feel and sound at impact, which many golfers appreciate.

  2. Undercut Technology: The irons incorporate undercut technology, which relocates the center of gravity (CG) low in the clubhead. A lower CG can help increase the launch angle and distance, making it easier to get the ball in the air and achieve more distance with your shots.

  3. Face Flexibility: These irons are designed with increased face flexibility, which can lead to higher ball speeds. When the clubface flexes upon impact, it can transfer more energy to the ball, resulting in enhanced distance. Additionally, this increased flexibility can improve forgiveness for off-center mishits, helping maintain consistency in your shots.

  4. Shaft Options: The Onyx Spyder Bite Irons are fitted with Apollo White Shadow Ladies Flex Shafts and Onyx Rubber Grips.

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