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Onyx - Forged Irons - SP700 Set 4 to PW - Graphite Shafts

Onyx - Forged Irons - SP700 Set 4 to PW - Graphite Shafts

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The Onyx SP700 Forged Irons,  Set from 4 to PW is designed for golfers who seek precision and a soft feel in their irons. Here are the key features and specifications of this iron set:

  1. Grain Flow Forged: These irons are five-step forged from S20 carbon steel, a Japanese Industrial standard. This forging process is known for producing clubs with an incredibly soft feel and precise performance. Forged irons are favored by many skilled golfers for their consistency and feedback.

  2. CNC Milled Cavity: The irons have a CNC milled cavity that increases the perimeter weighting. This enhanced perimeter weighting adds forgiveness to the irons, particularly on off-center strikes. This can help golfers maintain distance and accuracy even when they don't hit the sweet spot.

  3. CNC Milled Scorelines: The CNC milled scorelines on the clubface are designed to maximize spin and precision around the greens. This feature can assist in generating backspin for better control on approach shots and chips.

  4. Sleek Compact Profile: The irons have a sleek and compact profile with reduced offset, a thin top edge, a semi-rounded toe profile, and a straight leading edge. This design is often preferred by skilled golfers who value aesthetics and workability in their irons.

  5. Shaft Options: The irons come fitted with steel shafts and Shappro Grips

Here are the specifications for each iron in the set:

Club Loft Lie Angle Offset (mm) Bounce Head Weight (g) Length (inches)
4 Iron 21° 60° 2.4mm 249g 38.5
5 Iron 24° 60.5° 2.2mm 257g 38
6 Iron 28° 61° 1.9mm 263g 37.5
7 Iron 32° 61.5° 1.8mm 4.5° 270g 37
8 Iron 36° 62° 1.7mm 277g 36.5
9 Iron 40° 62.5° 1.5mm 285g 36
PW (Pitching Wedge) 44° 63° 1.3mm 293g 35.5
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