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Onyx - Black Rubber Golf Grips - Set of 13

Onyx - Black Rubber Golf Grips - Set of 13

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The Black Rubber Golf Grips you described are designed to offer a soft and tacky hand feel, making them suitable for golfers looking to re-grip their entire set, including both woods and irons. Here are the key details about these grips:

  1. Quality Rubber Material: These grips are made of rubber, which is known for its durability and comfortable feel. The soft and tacky texture of the rubber can provide a secure grip, especially in various weather conditions.

  2. Size - Standard: The grips are categorized as "Standard" in size, which is the most common size for golf grips. These grips should fit the majority of golfers comfortably.

  3. Core Size - .580 Round: The core size of .580 round is a standard size that should fit most golf club shafts without any issues.

  4. Weight - 52 grams each: These grips are relatively lightweight at 52 grams each. The weight of a grip can affect the overall feel of the club, and lighter grips may help golfers with club control and swing speed.

  5. Appearance: These grips are mentioned to offer a "pride velvet look," which suggests that they may have a texture and appearance similar to the popular Golf Pride Velvet grips. The Golf Pride Velvet grips are known for their classic and comfortable design.

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