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Golf Gear - Ball Retrievers - 15ft

Golf Gear - Ball Retrievers - 15ft

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The extendable ball retriever described here is a golf accessory designed to help golfers recover their golf balls from water hazards such as lakes, creeks, or ponds. Here are the key features and details of this product:

  1. Telescopic Design: The ball retriever has a telescopic design, which means it can be extended to reach golf balls that are in hard-to-reach places within water hazards. 

  2. Quick Release Twist Locks: The retriever is designed with quick-release twist locks, which make it easy to extend and secure the retriever at the desired length. This allows golfers to adjust the reach of the retriever quickly and securely.

  3. Steel Cup: The ball retrieval mechanism features a classic-style steel cup. The steel cup is designed to scoop up the golf ball from the water when the retriever is lowered into the hazard. 

  4. Convenience: This retriever is described as being very handy on a golf course with creeks or lakes. It can save golfers the frustration of losing golf balls in water hazards, potentially saving money on lost balls and improving the pace of play.

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