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Apollo - White Shadow Featherlight Graphite - Irons

Apollo - White Shadow Featherlight Graphite - Irons

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The Shadow Featherlite shaft by Apollo, weighing just 49 grams, is designed to offer these advantages. Here's how a lighter shaft can contribute to these benefits:

  1. Increased Swing Speed: A lighter shaft allows you to swing the club faster, as you have to exert less effort to move it through the swing. The increased swing speed can result in more ball speed, which can lead to longer shots.

  2. Higher Trajectory: A lighter shaft can help you achieve a higher ball flight. This can be particularly advantageous in situations where you need to carry the ball over obstacles or land it softly on the green. Higher trajectory can also help in windy conditions by allowing the ball to stay on a more predictable flight path.

  3. Longer Carry: The combination of increased swing speed and a higher trajectory often results in longer carry distances. This can be especially helpful on longer par-4s or par-5s where reaching the green in fewer strokes is essential.

  4. More Distance: Ultimately, the increased ball speed and carry distance can lead to more total distance off the tee or with your fairway woods. The lighter shaft can contribute to improved overall performance.

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