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Apollo - Spectre Lite Steel Iron Shaft

Apollo - Spectre Lite Steel Iron Shaft

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The Apollo Spectre Lite Iron shafts you described are designed for golf irons and have specific features that can benefit golfers looking for higher launch angles and longer carry distances. Here are the key details about these iron shafts:

  1. Weight: These shafts have a weight of 105 grams each. This is considered relatively lightweight, which can help golfers generate increased clubhead speed and potentially more distance with their iron shots.

  2. Tip Size: The tip size is .370, which is a standard tip size for many iron clubheads. It's crucial that the tip size of the shaft matches the hosel size of the iron heads for proper installation.

  3. Butt Size: The butt size is .600, which is another standard measurement for the diameter of the grip end of the shaft. It's important that the butt size is compatible with the size of the grips you plan to use.

  4. Flex: These shafts come in a "Regular/Stiff flex combo." This combo option is designed to offer flexibility to golfers who may prefer a regular flex in some irons and a stiff flex in others, depending on their swing characteristics and needs. The choice of regular or stiff flex can influence the feel and performance of the shaft.

  5. Kick Point: The shafts have a "mid to low kick point." The kick point refers to the point in the shaft where it flexes the most during the swing. A mid to low kick point is ideal for generating higher launch angles, which can be advantageous for golfers looking to get the ball airborne easily and achieve longer carry distances.

  6. Raw Length: The shafts come with a raw length of 42 inches. The raw length is the initial length of the shaft before it is cut and installed into a clubhead. Shaft length can be customized during the club-building process to match your preferences and fit your irons.

  7. Versatility: These shafts are designed to suit all numbers from 1 iron to Lob Wedge, making them suitable for a full set of irons.

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