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Apollo - Acculite G70 - Woods

Apollo - Acculite G70 - Woods

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The Powerflex Performance Graphite Wood Shaftcis a specific type of shaft designed for golf woods (e.g., drivers, fairway woods). Here are the key details about this particular shaft:

  1. Shaft Type: This is a graphite wood shaft, which is a lightweight and popular choice for golfers who are looking for increased clubhead speed and distance. Graphite shafts are known for their ability to dampen vibrations and provide a smoother feel.

  2. .335 Tip: The ".335" measurement refers to the outside diameter of the tip of the shaft. This indicates the size of the tip, which should match the hosel size of the golf club head. It's important to ensure that the tip size of the shaft matches the hosel size of the club head for proper installation.

  3. Length: The shaft has a length of 45 inches. This is a standard length for many driver shafts, but it's essential to verify whether this length suits your playing style and height. You can have a club fitter adjust the length if needed.

  4. Flex: This shaft has a "Regular Flex." Flex refers to how much the shaft bends during the golf swing. Regular flex is a middle-of-the-road option, suitable for golfers with a moderate swing speed. Flex choice should match your swing speed for optimal performance.

  5. Weight: The shaft has a weight of 65 grams. The weight of the shaft can affect the overall feel of the club and, to some extent, the trajectory of your shots. A 65-gram shaft is typically considered a lightweight option.

  6. Torque: It is categorized as "Mid Torque." Torque measures the shaft's resistance to twisting during the golf swing. A mid torque rating suggests a moderate amount of twisting in the shaft during the swing, offering a balance of control and feel.

  7. Launch: The shaft is described as "Mid Launch." This indicates that it is designed to provide a mid-level trajectory for your shots. The launch characteristics of a shaft can affect the height and distance of your shots.

  8. Origin: The shaft is Made in Taiwan

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