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Onyx - Spyder Bite - 5 Wood

Onyx - Spyder Bite - 5 Wood

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The ONYX SPYDER BITE #5 Fairway Wood is designed to provide premium performance at an affordable price point. Here are the key features and benefits of this fairway wood:

  1. Material: The fairway wood is manufactured from extremely strong stainless steel. This material choice is known for its durability and can contribute to the club's overall performance.

  2. Thinner Face: The club features a thinner face, which is designed to create higher ball speeds upon impact with the ball. Higher ball speeds typically lead to increased distance, making it easier for golfers to reach the green or navigate longer fairway shots.

  3. Low Deep Center of Gravity (CG): The fairway wood has a low and deep center of gravity, which is favorable for achieving a higher trajectory and carry distance. A lower CG can also help reduce spin rates, which can improve accuracy and consistency.

  4. Improved Aerodynamics: The club is shaped with improved aerodynamics. This design feature can help reduce air resistance during the swing, potentially leading to higher clubhead speeds and greater distance.

  5. Added Power: The design of the fairway wood aims to maximize power transfer from the clubhead to the ball. This can result in more energy being transferred to the ball at impact, which can translate into increased distance.

  6. Extreme Forgiveness: The club is engineered for forgiveness, meaning it can help golfers maintain accuracy and distance even on off-center hits. Forgiveness is a valuable feature for players of all skill levels.

  7. Black Satin PVD Finish: The fairway wood is finished in a rich Black Satin PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). This finish not only provides an attractive appearance but can also add durability and resistance to wear and tear.

  8. Fitted: Graphite Shaft (Regular Stiff) and Shappro grip
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